The Value of Shaving for Personal Success


A reason you should always be clean shaven like a true old fashioned man is that you work for a living.  Whether you work hard at a company or work for yourself, you want to always present a professional image of yourself .  An image that conveys trust, ability, leadership, strength, order and more.  The total package should be neat and proper to the occasion and location clothing, good hygiene, a good haircut and of course, your clean shaven face.

Shaving is an invaluable part of personal grooming and personal grooming has great effect on perception of self by others.  Your face is the first thing people notice and studies show that personal judgement occurse within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone.  Once your first impression is made it is very hard to undo.

On the negative side, you don’t see many slob CEOs, a lack of grooming is attributed to economics and the lack of ability to invest in personal care.  That is not an impression you want to give.

More reasons to shave everyday.

Look Good, Feel Good

Looking good makes us feel good.  We cannot get a haircut every day but we can exercise, take a shower, have a great shave before work each day.

There are times when my self esteem is low and what I do is I get a haircut and shave.  Shaving has a great effect on self esteem.

Even in the Philippines there was a study conducted by the Asian Institute of Management that cited that in economic downturns the purchase of beauty and personnel care items such as makeup, hygiene products, hair products increased.  The reason for this based on surveys is that people respond to bad times with the philosphy that just because times are bad I shouldn’t look bad.  This shows personnal ability to weather the storms of life, just because you have problems it doesn’t mean you should look like it, look like a winner at all times.  Take the trouble to make yourself look good and feel good as a result.

Look Good, Work Harder

This  study by Stanford University, A Few Bad Hair Days Can Change Your Life shows your personal feelings about how you look affect how you behave.  You feel more confident, more entitled to better things and what the mind believes the body can achieve.  A good self image helps you function better because grooming is a step in the direction of high self esteem.  If you value yourself then you will take care of yourself.  Its common sense, you take care of things you care about.

Good grooming should be Habitual

You should be well groomed and clean shaven ALWAYS!  A good appearance is not situational, you shouldn’t be shaving and bathing just because you have an interview.  To build a continuous good impression of yourself to others and to always have strong self esteem, you should make it a habit to shave every morning and maintain your immaculate appearance.

I read that a wise man said “always look good because today may be the day you meet your wife” and of course you want to give her the best impression and if you have her already, good grooming is one of the ways you romance her for life.

All things being equal…..

All things being equal, if  two employees up for the same position and they were equally skilled, dedicated, experienced in other words equally qualified the case would be that the better looking one would be promoted.  This bias which is not necessarily by nature since the better looking employee could be he that simply takes better care of himself, ensures that the company has an asset who is both competent and good looking.  Good appearance is an advantage.

Grooming boosts social acceptance, even you would prefer to be with a freshly bathed, groomed, shaved person over someone who has an unkempt appearance.  Know that other people may judge you the same.  It is harsh reality.

You represent more than yourself

You are judged by others for more than just yourself.  You represent your company, your brand, your family and more.  Poor grooming affects not just how you are judged but how people view your family and company.

In conclusion

Take the time to shave before work.  Those minutes you spend lathering up and shaving are like a warrior getting into the mindset for battle.  It trains you with the knowledge that you are prepared, that you are on top of things and that you are ready for the day ahead.  You will feel confidence from your boosted self esteem.  You shouldn’t rely on anyone else to make you feel good for yourself, you have to do it yourself and making yourself look good is the first step.

Remember that beauty is linked to power so invest in your personal appearance so that others buy into you.  Your feeling of self worth will increase and you will strive harder to earn the things you want.


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