Straight RazorsChadg

These are Parker disposable straight razors or “shavettes”.  These are holders for half a double edged safety blade that give you the straight razor shave experience without any maintenance such as stropping and honing.    Here is your first step towards straight razor shaving in Metro Manila.

  • Parker SRB Black Plastic Handle Shavette

  • Parker SR1 Steel scale shavette (Update! 2014 models)

  • Parker SRW – Stainless steel straight razor with white handle

I urge all beginners to straight razor shaving to first seek the advice of someone experienced in this kind of shaving.  This type of razor does not have the word “safety” because there is no guard between the blade and your skin, the blade is completely exposed!  I recommend at the very least to watch straight shaving videos to learn proper technique and preparation.  That being said I find it to be a great way to shave.  If you have any questions do email us at