Straight Razor Making, From Start to Shaving


I discovered this video by chance, at 11:30 pm when I should have been getting to bed. Next thing I knew it was 12:40 am, way past my bedtime for the simple reason that I was enthralled by the vast majority of this video.

Here Mr. Charlie Lewis demonstrates just about everything manly from forging a razor out of bar stock steel, metal work with tools, fire and tempering, sharpening and honing then creating wavy “Damascus steel” patterns using borax to finally shaving. The entire process was done by one man from start to finish. You even see the making of the razor scales using Linen micarta a material of choice for non slip applications such as work knives.

Truly this video was an experience as I really didn’t think anything was handmade anymore. The video captures a block of steel transformed into a fine instrument. A must watch.

If you want to get a comparison of artisan razor making versus commercial razor making watch the video below. Unlike the Lewis video here you see a production line at work.


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