Shaving Brush Education: Shaving Brush Selection And UseChadg

Our Parker Shaving Brushes are handcrafted in different varieties of selected Badger Hair from the sustainable European Badger (Meles Meles) species and from the latest in Synthetic Hair technology for vegan shavers. Whether you prefer Badger Hair or our fine Synthetic Hair technology, your Parker Shave Brush is designed to retain water and generate a rich lather of the thickness you prefer and application is easy with our ergonomically designed handles. Our Parker Shaving Brush Bristles will lift your beard, exfoliate your skin and apply your warm lather to give you the best shave. Selecting Your Shaving Brush Selecting which Parker Shaving Brush is for you is a matter of preference. Each type of Bristle has its own distinct characteristics and many people ultimately collect a few so they can use a different brush depending on their mood. We offer Pure Badger, Black Badger, Silver Tip Badger and Synthetic Bristles. hairgrades


HAIR TYPE Synthetic Boar Pure Badger Black Badger Silver Tip Badger
SOFTNESS Soft Stiff Medium Soft and Scrubbiness Firm Very Soft
COLOR White with Silver tip Natural off white Dark Grey Black Untreated Silver
SOURCE Man Made Domestic boar European Badger European Badger European Badger
EXFOLIATION Medium High High High Medium
NOTES Ideal for beginners and for men who prefer non animal hair. Softens with age, stiff, paints on lather Soft and Subtle, great for men with sensitive skin. Durable and a great choice for beginning wet shavers The ultimate in lather creation and shaving experience

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How to Use Your Shaving Brush

Step 1: Preparing the brush

Ready your shaving bowl with warm water (which creates warm lather) and place the brush inside while you shower. This will allow your brush to thoroughly absorb water to make great lather. After you shower, take your brush out and lightly shake out the water. (Removing more water makes the lather drier and leaving more water makes the lather thinner. Experiment shaving with both to determine your preference and what suits you best.)

Step 2: Loading your brush

*With Shaving Cream: Take a small amount of shaving cream (about half a pea size will do, again experiment as to how rich you like your lather) place the cream on the center of the brush. * With Shave Soap: Swirl your shave brush around the top of the soap until you see the brush tip is loaded with soap.

Step 3: Creating Lather

* On the Face: Apply the brush to your face and move it in circular motions to generate lather. * In a bowl: Put the brush in a bowl tip first and begin swirling to create rich lather. Then you apply this on your beard.

Step 4: Shave!

Make passes starting with your cheeks then moustache, then chin, then neck. If you go for succeeding passes then re-apply lather from your loaded shave brush before each pass.

Step 5: Clean, dry and store

Clean your shaving brush by rinsing it thoroughly with clean water then flick it before storing it upside down on your shaving stand, all our shaving brushes have a free shaving stand. Never pull or twist your shaving brush. Always rinse it thoroughly as soap or cream are acidic and can damage your brush over time. Whichever Shave Brush you choose, we have our fine Parker Shaving Brushes in Metro Manila and ready to ship anywhere in the Philippines at the best prices. buy-brushes


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