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Your shaving brush may be the largest portion of your investment in wet shaving.  Shave brushes are one of the most important components of a good wetshave as brushes not only apply lather but prepare the skin for a good shave by exfoliating and raising the hair to bring them closer to the blade.  A good shave brush whether it be made of badger, boar, horse or man made bristles is designed to give you years of use given proper care through very easy steps before and after each use.

Problems that afflict shave brushes are too much hair splitting and hair falling off.  These problems can be avoided although it is not possible to completely prevent them as shave brushes like all tools wear out in time.  New brushes also lose more hair as hair not firm in the knot fall off, this is a natural effect of the manufacturing process and you shouldn’t be alarmed as this will stabilize


* Do not subject your shave brush to hot water soaking.  The hair is shave brushes are joined together in a knot held together by adhesives such as glue or epoxy.  High temperatures can damage the hold of the adhesive.  Besides why do you want very hot lather?

* Do not use excessive force when creating lather.  I have seen people push their shave brush hard into bowls literally splaying all the hair like a large palm tree when making lather.  This is hair, people!  How much force do you think it can take?  Use your brush gently and it will last long.


* Dry your brush thoroughly by using an appropriate brush stand that allows the bristles to face down.  This allows moisture to be drawn out of the brush and not remain in the hair knot.

* Use your shave brush often, do not allow it to dry out completely.  This sounds odd but I have experienced a hair knot falling completely apart after trying to use a shave brush I had neglected for years.

* Clean your shave brush after every use, do not let soap dry into the hair and knot.  Soap is acidic and rinsing it out will slowly damage the hair and knot.

* Every so often use a dry towel to reshape your dry shave brush.  This is done by lightly touching the brush tip on the towel and twirling the brush with your fingers to regain the beautiful brush shape once more.

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