Shave like James Bond

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One of the most striking scenes from the recent Bond Thriller Skyfall is the shaving scene where Moneypenny shaves Bond with a straight or cut throat razor.  The scene starts with Moneypenny walking in on Bond who is about to shave himself with a shaving brush and straight razor, if the old fashioned way is best for Bond then its best for me.

Check out the A Close Shave Scene  from Skyfall

I don’t know about you but I wanted to give myself that manly man shave ASAP.  Thing is, I didn’t have the slightest idea where I could get one of those ultra macho cuthroat razors.  I didn’t remember seeing any anywhere.

Luckily we have the Parker SR 1, SRb and SRW which is the best way for me to get a 007 shave in the Philippines.  A straight razor shave is inherently manly, it is powerful and gives you an ultra smooth shave that enables you to take on the world just like Bond does.  The use of a cutthroat or straight razor is a page out of a history book from the times of no nonsense, no frilly girlie men, a time where men worked hard and grooming consisted of looking neat and powerful.

Before you get into Straight Razor shaving please read this resource on everything Straight Razor shaving first.


Its not called a cutthroat razor for nothing!  Proceed with caution and make sure you go very, very carefully!  The author is not responsible for any injuries you may inflict on yourself.


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