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The Don, shaving like a man

To a lot of men in the Philippines, heck the whole world, shaving is a chore they have to do so that their bosses at the office won’t chide them for looking unprofessional. They’ll probably use noxious shaving cream from a can, or even go (GASP!) sans cream, scrape their skin a few times with that space age multi bladed razor that’s named after three times the speed of sound then slap on stinging alcohol based aftershave and scream.  This is the sad, everyday routine that most men have to deal with as if dealing with the sting makes them more “manly”.

But let’s look at the manliest man in fiction nowadays: Don Draper. Not only is he manly, he looks damn good as well.  Don looks so good that every woman in the 1960s wants him.  Don Draper knows the benefits of dressing well, grooming properly and most importantly the pleasure, and Zen-like experience of wet shaving done right. If you are a fan of “Mad Men” undoubtedly you’ve seen Don shave himself quite a few times.  So how does Don Draper shave?

He did things the old fashioned way and his face thanked him for it. So, here’s how to shave like Don Draper.

First off, Don was into wet shaving, to shave like Don you will need a set of tools:
1. A Double Edge Safety razor. Yes, the ones that accept the double-sided razor blade. You could try to see if your Lolo or old Uncle still has his. But if not, here at we have a great assortment of Parker Double Edge Safety Razors in Metro Manila.  That means when you man up to shave like Don you can get your gear delivered to your door almost as quick as Don gets the ladies.
2. A Badger Hair Shaving brush, to lather up shaving cream or soap.  We have great Shaving Brushes too and in both Badger Hair or Synthetic Shaving Brushes.
3. Shaving cream or soap. Don didn’t spray anything from a can, he made rich shaving lather to pamper himself and ensure the best possible shave to show off his handsome face.  You can get shaving cream or soap can be found in beauty shops like Kiehl’s , The Bodyshop or l’Occitane in Metro Manila or Taconic from us which is made from quality, organic ingredients that are good for your face and smells great too.
4. A nice aftershave. Aftershaves are not supposed to sting; they are supposed to soothe your skin. Go for a nice aftershave balm from the same beauty shops that you get your shaving cream from. If you can’t, the aftershave from Old Spice will work.

The Basic Technique

1. Before you begin wet shaving, you need prep your face by taking a shower or washing your face to soften your facial hair, then lather up the cream with your brush and apply it to your face.

2. Now, for the shave. Angle the blade around 30° from your face, and first shave with the grain. Use little pressure, the weight of the razor itself if possible, and aim for gradual hair reduction over multiple passes than for outright removal with one stroke. This helps you avoid razor burn and skin irritations. Finish up with one pass against the grain.

3. Once you’re done, rinse your face with cold water to close your pores then apply a nice aftershave to soothe your face.

Now checkout the handsome mug in the mirror, now who is a pretty boy too?


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