Safe disposal of use razor bladesChadg

Wetshaving is taking off once again in the Philippines and one thing I really have to emphasize to all wet shavers out there is that you need to dispose of your used safety blades responsibly.  That used little blade you just took out of your double edged safety razor may not be sharp enough to cut all your facial hair off smoothly anymore but it probably is sharp enough to really hurt someone’s hands or feet and most likely the person working hard to dispose of the razor and all your garbage for you.  Children and unsuspecting adults can have serious accidents if you leave razor blades and even used ones lying around.  Always keep your shaving supplies properly stored.

You owe it to everyone around you to ensure their safety.  Note that hospitals have “sharps” or hazards containers where needles and what not are placed after use.  These are usually recycled right away or safely disposed of by third parties that specialize in this service.

For us wet shaving in Metro Manila or for that matter, the rest of the Philippines, the easiest is to make do with what we have.  I prefer the old can method.  This is a good alternative “blade bank”.  You need a metal container that you can seal and cannot be reached in with fingers.  I keep a typical elongated cylindrical food can like the ones for tomato paste and when it is filled you then take a hammer and flatten it.  Other people use the tins used for candy and flatten those.  Next is to ensure the flattened metal is properly segregated so that it can be recycled promptly.

This is a good link to making a home made blade bank

I know its a bit of work but this way you enjoy the hobby more with the satisfaction that you not only shave like a true man but act responsibly as a true man would and are truly a gentleman with concern for others.