Pope John Paul the Second, shaving


An Easter Sunday treat!

This rare photograph shows Karol Wojtyla better known as Pope John Paul II one of the most beloved Popes in history in the middle of with what looks to be a great shave outdoors.  This photograph from a camping trip in Poland way back in 1959 shows my favorite pontiff in a full lather that could have only been created by a shave brush, shaving mug (pictured), double edged safety razor and impeccable shaving technique shown below with the weak hand pulling back the skin while the dominant hand handles the razor in an against the grain pass for incredible smoothness.  You can say that a good shave really helps you that ultra clean appearance required of all leaders of men as Pope John Paul II could have roughed it out and kept a few days growth whilst outdoors yet opted to maintain his appearance of gentle kindness that captured and continues to hold the hearts of millions around the world.  We miss you Pope John Paul 2!

Pope John Paul II shaving on a camping trip


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