Movember Best Practices


Ah Movember, that time of the year when almost inexplicably you see mustaches everywhere.  But do you know why?  Movember is an annual no shave event in which awareness and funding for mens’ health related sicknesses such as cancer of the prostate and testicles.  Movember occurs in November (duh!)

Movember rules are simple.

1) You start November or Movember with a clean shaven face and sign on (unforunately no local site for the Philippines yet)

2) You grow (no shave) a mustache

3) Just a mustache, no goatee or beard again, just a moustache.

4) Use your new mustache to spread awareness of men’s health issues among the curious throngs who will ask you about it and encourage more men to participate and everyone to donate.

5) Act like a gentleman – nuff said, you now represent the Movember movement

Aside from this, I feel that aside from espousing awareness of mens’ health issues, this is the time we as responsible men should have ourselves checked.  We all work hard and are or will be breadwinners for our families and we owe it to ourselves and all who rely on us to keep healthy to be able to continuously provide for all our family’s needs.  A healthy man is a happy one

I know it is unpleasant and costly to have yourself checked but it is necessary.  See if you have  a healthcare program at the office and go to a doctor who will recommend the tests that are appropriate based on your:

* lifestyle risk factors

* age

* family health history

* work related factors – stress etc.

So yes, participate in Movember and help others but listen to me and help yourself first.  Happy mustache growing!


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