How to make your Double Edged Safety Blade last a bit longer: Blade Preservation

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Blades are truly a matter of preference.  Each manufacturer and each blade variant is different,from the quality of the manufacture, the raw material used, packaging, coating such as chrome or teflon or ptfe. corrsosion protection.  Now wet shavers in the Philippines do not have as many options as our brothers in the rest of the world but we do have Gillette Rubies (China), Dorco (Korea) – beware of fakes

Commonly used blade materials are platinum, coated steel and stainless steel.  Regardless of the material a double edged safety blade’s lifespan is determined by several factors.

  • The frequency of the shaving
  • The coarseness or thickness of the beard
  • The number of passes per shave
  • How you actually shave – more prep means softer hair which is easier on blades
  • The quality, material and manufacture of the blade itself
  • Storage practices after the shave
  • Blade cleaning after the shave

We cannot do anything about points 1 to 5 but we can extend blade life by exerting a little extra effort after every shave.  Now whether this is worth doing or not is up to you.  Blades typically last five to six shaves or a weeks worth of shaving, I find that blade care extends this to plus 2 shaves and maintains a more comfortable shave throughout the blade’s useful life.

And please be very careful and exercise common sense.  If you can’t, just open your razor and thoroughly rinse the blade after every use, don’t bother to read what I wrote below.

These tips are especially useful if you don’t shave everyday and want to prevent corrosion from turning a once used, sharp blade into a blunt object.

First of all I clean the blade after every use.  I run the blade through running faucet water to get rid of adhering shaving soap or cream which traps moisture next to the blade.  In my opinion what dulls a blade is corrosion seeping in the blade and it doesn’t matter what fancy coating or if the blade is platinum or stainless – trust me, everything corrodes and a blade which moist lather in a humid bathroom subjects a blade to a lot of attack.  If you want your blades to last longer, run them clean through running water and wipe them off CAREFULLY with toilet paper and cloth until they are dry.  Clean and dry your razor too while you’re at this.

Step two, I like putting a drop of oil on each side of the blade and on each edge.  I spread this carefully against the blade or from the middle going out.  Please be very careful and exercise common sense.  Don’t be heavy handed either.  What oil to use?  I would use any oil fit for humans like baby oil or food (vegetable based) oil, if you use preshave oil that would do too.  This oil will come in contact with your skin on your next shave so please don’t use oil meant for motors and what not.

Once the blade is oiled, put it back into your Double Edge Safety Razor, put it with the opposite side facing up from when you last used it to even out the use.

Double Edge Safety Razor shaving is already very economical, with these simple tips you save just a bit more but remember, in time everything adds up.  Happy shaving!

Please look through our site, we have blade packs and samplers available for purchase.  Do let me know if you have any questions.

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