Filipinos! Time To Upgrade Your Shave


Time to Upgrade Your Shave

Surprise, surprise, men in the Philippines do not pay real attention to their shaving.  An informal poll tells us its not always because we aren’t as hairy as our western brethren, its because of:

The impression that shaving better means more expensive.

Not true at all, over time shaving with a double edge razor will save you lots and lots of money.

The cure: See the economics of shaving in the Philippines.

Shaving is just a chore that needs to be done as quickly as possible

This is quite common, especially for hairier Pinoys, we need to whittle down those pesky hair that grow like weeds whether we like them or not.  But who said facial gardening can’t be a pleasure?

The cure: Think of how nice a great smelling lather brushed on your face feels and then shaving it off with what feels like a surgical tool just like all macho men used to do.

I only need to shave 2x a week

My friend, let me tell you, if your facial hair is scraggly and your hair grows fine and an inch apart you really need to shave regularly to look ultra neat, unless you like looking like you bumped a giant cactus, face first.

The cure: Easy and pleasurable daily shaves to make you feel like a man.

We then went a bit deeper we have sub categorized Pinoys by their shaving tools and how to upgrade.

The Pluckers

Dang dudes!  Seriously?  I see grown men holding pocket mirrors and tweezers staring at their chins with the concentration of a surgeon to remove the odd hair and thats in public.  Plucking can lead to infection, I mean do you see these guys washing their hands before ripping off by the root the hair on their chins or moustaches?  Or is this an addiction to pain?

Seen with: Women’s compact mirror, tweezers

The Upgrade: I don’t know what to say, heck, anything?  But I recommend the Parker 96R, seriously, I sell  a lot of these because it looks as well as it performs which is very good.  Take a shave brush and shave cream too.  Don’t forget to finish your shave with a nice balm or moisturizer.

The Disposables

Pinoy’s love the tingi or per piece purchase.  Disposable Razors are the sachet equivalent of shaving.  Disposable shaving is cheap and disposable razors are available anywhere.  I once saw somebody buy an entire string of disposables like those chains of Nips before (children of the 80s know what I mean).  Thing is, these people are contributing to our vastly choking landfills with their throwaway plastics.  Hoy!  Bawal na ang plastic!!  Oh the irony!  When you buy your plastic, environment destroying razor it will be packed in a paper bag.  And did you see the economics of shaving in the Philippines yet?  Disposables are expensive in the long run!

Tools: Plastic Razor, sometimes canned shave cream

The Upgrade: Get a better shave the green way, get into wetshaving.  Get yourself a safety razor, a shave brush and some shaving soap or cream right here.

The Cartridge Family

Cartridge shavers cost some serious money but they do give you a quick shave that is quite good.  I have shied away from cartridges because I do shave everyday and I wanted a cheaper alternative.  But seriously you will see a lot of improvement if you try a shave brush and cream.

Tools: Cartridge Razor, canned shave cream or gel


Put some bling in your shave

The Upgrade: If you really like cartridge razors then upgrade to something with more bling, and please start using a shaving brush and shave soap or cream.  You cannot compare the difference and even the big boys abroad like the Art of Shaving and e Shave all sell you shave brushes and cream to use with your cartridge razor.

Single Edge Razor Users

Already using a double edge safety razor or straight razor with a brush and shave cream or soap?  You are already ok my friend.  Help others who were like you before you saw the light and teach them your ways.  You know that Wet Shaving is the absolute best for your face because one blade is far gentler than 3,4,5,6….

But if you are looking for some variety, why not try one of our four enticing shave cream and soap scents that refresh and make you feel a man?  And seriously, these ALL foam perfectly, give great glide and cushion.  And stay tuned for shaving products made in the Philippines coming soon.


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