How do we pay?

Oldfashionedman.com is integrated with PayPal so you can pay with a PayPal account or via any credit card.  PayPal is safe and easy to use, your details are secure and fully encrypted.  You may opt to deposit via BPI if you wish.

How soon do you ship?

We will ship within the next two working days.  (Usually the same day if we get your order early enough)

Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are all made in the Philippines.  Most use 100% Filipino materials but some may have imported components depending on the style.

What is Tony and Ray?

Tony and Ray are the names of two working class Pinoys that dare ask why good formal shoes are unnecessarily pricey and did something about it by hunting down the best Marikina craftsmen and imparting their ideas on design, materials and quality.  Tony and Ray are opposite in character, blending their common beliefs to merge style with practicality, comfort with good looks and price without compromising quality.

The brand is our war cry to buy proudly Filipino made shoes.

How do I buy shoes online?

You do not need to go to a store to buy shoes.  We have a comprehensive size chart and shoe buying guide.  Our sizes are precise.  You can find the page here<link>.  If you need some assistance drop us a line at ray@trmanila.com or tony@trmanila.com

Is there a guarantee?

We are confident in our shoes’ superior quality because we know the dedication of those who make them.  Except for normal wear and tear areas we offer a six month warranty against defects.

Where are Parker Razors from?

Parker Razors are made in India, a nation with a rich shaving culture and home to really bad ass facial hair.