Double Edge Safety RazorsChadg

Double Edge Safety Razors are a single blade system with two edges. This is a great way to shave as there is far less irritation that multiblade systems and double edge razors are far more economical than any other way of shaving. We have two types of Double Edge Safety Razors, we have the modern one piece, twist to open (TTO) style and the more traditional three piece design, our Parker 91R.

Parker razors are considered medium on the aggressiveness scale of Double Edge Safety Razors. This means they give you a close shave and yet are not too tough on the skin because the guard area between your face and blade is moderate allowing for a close cut without much blade exposure.

  • Parker Open Comb Three Piece Razor

  • Parker 22r Long Handle Black Chrome Finish Razor

  • Shark Super Chrome Double Edge blades – 100 blades

  • Parker 91R Double Edge Safety Razor

  • Parker 99R Double Edge Razor

  • Parker 92R Double Edge Safety Razor

  • 96R “Black Beauty” Twist to Open Double Edge Razor


Learn how to begin classic double edge safety razor shaving here!