Chimensch’s Shaving Video – Most epic shaving


This is the much acclaimed Chimensch’s Shaving Video in which Chimensch (forum username), a native of Italy and famed member of straight shaving forums demonstrates his impeccable shave technique and skill with a straight razor.

Notable is his use of the alum block for gripping wet skin and the sponge to wipe the blade after each pass.  You see how he pulls the skin to create a flat surface and shaves in the opposite direction the skin is being pulled.  You see his multidirectional passes  Also interesting is his “7 day” razor set, he uses a different razor every day which costs more initially but allows hones to be preserved much, much longer and maintenance reduced to stropping.  You can hear the sound of the hollow ground razor and watch him to with the grain, across the grain and against the grain passes.

His own reply to a comment that it looks like it takes long ” it only takes me about 10 minutes. Sure, its a lot longer than whipping a mach 3 around, but it’s a much more enjoyable experience, a better shave, and certainly not an hours time.”

I would however caution against his against the grain passes in the nose area.  That is some very, very advanced shaving that can get you to cut your nose and is called the “fools pass” because it.  I certainly am not going to try that anytime soon.   I remember reading that Chimensch has been straight razor shaving for more than twenty years.

I hope you enjoy this video and like me hope to achieve this level of skill in straight razor shaving.


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