When should you change your double edge safety blade


I thought of this post during a talk with some cartridge users who were telling me that they can stretch their cartridge use to months and months.  This amazes me, who knew that Exacalibur had been found and has now been used to make razor cartridges.

I also love knives or anything sharp and let me tell you that any hard use, high quality knife whether made of VG10, 154CM or Chrome moly when used repeatedly for cutting even paper will lose its edge.  And when you cut paper with a dull knife you tear it or get a jagged tear instead of a clean, straight cut.  This is why people hate shaving.

I wrote an article back on how to extend your safety blade’s life, HOW TO MAKE YOUR DOUBLE EDGED SAFETY BLADE LAST A BIT LONGER.  Sure you can extend blade life but only by so much.

The average amount of shaves is about 5 according to most Internet forums, another thing is, even though you did not shave five times you may find your blade dull if you didn’t protect it from corrosion (look at link above).

In a nutshell, you should change your blade regularly or on a schedule to always get a good shave and this is even if you maintain it.  Naturally you should first determine how long a blade will last for you.  Do note a blade’s life will vary depending on the blade brand, metal, razor you use, storage and maintenance habits.  Once you find a blade your really like you use it for a reasonable amount of times to enjoy great cost savings.

Change your blade immediately if:

  • You see drops of blood, corroded blades are jagged under the microscope
  • You feel any irritation when shaving
  • Hair is being tugged or the shave is uncomfortable
  • If you see any rust on the blade or razor
  • If you had not used the razor for an extended period of time

Remember that your face is precious and is not to be scrimped on!


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