The Body Shop Macca root shave cream review


There is a scarcity to wetshaving products in the Philippines but you can find a lot of shaving cream in Metro Manila if you look at the foreign brands.  One of the most widespread and loved foreign cosmetics brands is the Body Shop and I tell you it feels like they can do no wrong.  Started as an ethical company that prides itself with responsible sourcing of raw materials and environmental sustainability combined with high quality, no animal testing products at what I feel are reasonable prices the Body Shop continues to be a go to brand for many Filipinos.

The Body Shop has a shave cream, the Macca Root which comes in a 200ml tub and a 100ml tube.  I naturally opted for the larger size which makes it perfect to dip in a shave brush.  Macca Root is a South American root that is known for its rejuvenating and health enhancing properties so imagine what it can do for your skin through a shave cream.

Scent: Five stars

I hear mixed reviews as to the scent but it is one that I love.  I find the scent an exhiliarating way to begin the day with my precious shave ritual.  The scent is not overpowering but it is strong without being unpleasant.  The scent I imagine is from the mixture of botanical ingredients, I believe the fragrance used is minimal.  It smells natural and cooling, like the scent of an island breeze after passing through flowers and yet it is manly with darker end notes that feel like wood and ocean spray.

Latherability: Five Stars

The Body Shop Macca Root Shave cream lathers up very easily in either a bowl or on the face.  The lather produced is rich, full, creamy and moist.

Shave: Five Stars

Rich and cushiony, the Body Shop Macca root shave cream gives a very good glide.  I believe the amount of oiliness helps slicken the face and yet it washes off so easily afterwards.

Price: Five Stars

A 200ml tub for 695 is a steal.  You need so little to make so much lather, the tub will last a long time even if you share it.

I highly recommend this shave cream to be one in your daily rotation of fine wetshaving products.

The Body Shop Macca Root Shave cream is available in any Body Shop outlet in the Philippines.


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