Acca Kappa Muschia Bianco Shave Cream Review

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Ah, Acca Kappa Muschia Bianco, one of my favorite scents from the maker of fine combs.  A brand rich is heritage, Acca Kappa was revolutionized by the ambition of the heir that took over,  who injected new life into the company by giving us the wide variety of products they now offer.


Acca Kappa makes several shave products, their sets retail at about 10k (ouch) at Rustans.  The shave cream however is not so bad, about 700 pesos when I bought about a year ago, expensive but you are talking about a name brand imported product with a signature scent.

Now you are wondering why I have a wooden bowl as my picture which looks like nothing that is “Acca Kappa”, that is because after a few weeks, the tube disintegrated at the part that attaches to the cap.  As I didn’t want my beautiful smelling shave cream to dry I squeezed out all to a pine wood bowl with cover.  Although it did not stay supple, my Acca Kappa hardened to the consistency of soap and I still can load a moist brush on it and get a good shave.

Now it is not as moisturizing as say Parker Sandalwood and Shea butter soap or my Body Shop Macca Root cream but it does a good job of shaving as you get a good glide.  It lathers well and you really gotta love the White Moss scent which is a favorite scent of mine for myself or for females wearing it.  The best part of using the Acca Kappa Shave Cream is the scent of course.  The lather could be thicker but for the price it is one of the more affordable imported shave cream.  It has premium ingredients and is high quality – except for the packaging.

In summary, buy it if you are a fan of the scent and want more of it.  It makes a great layer of fragrance with the cologne perfect for a summer day.


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