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Shave Lather
Shave Lather
Making Shave Lather is easy
How Men Shave
How Men Shave
Looking good is a way of life and looking good is the only way to live

Parker 96 Review
Parker 96 Review
Paying home to the classic Black Beauty of the Sixties
Mens' Skincare
Mens' Skincare
Looking great starts with the face


There is a lot more than good, manly shopping on this site.  Browse around and find articles on shaving knowledge and culture.

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Featured Products

  • ivory-badger-brush

    Parker White Handle Black Badger Shave Brush

  • blbo

    Parker Blue Wood Boar Bristle Shave Brush

  • parker-bkbb-web

    Parker Black Handle Black Badger Shave Brush

  • SRW

    Parker SRW – Stainless steel straight razor with white handle

  • 91R

    Parker 91R Double Edge Safety Razor

  • tequila-cream

    Taconic Shave Tequila Lime Shaving Cream with Organic Oils

  • 92R

    Parker 92R Double Edge Safety Razor